Twitter for Business?

Twitter for Business?

Highlights by David Willden

Twitter for Business? One of the biggest debates since business owners started using Twitter is whether or not you can talk business on Twitter. The answer really depends on your strategy, your followers, and your clients. Depending on why they’re following you, the answer will differ from tweeter to tweeter. (Meyerson, Mitch, Success Secrets of The Social Media Marketing Superstars (p. 207).


Twitter is another important way to find and connect with the right people. It provides a search box that allows you to search for words in other people’s profiles. There are tools that enable you to do even more advanced searches:

How to you get the right followers

  • Start with your bio. Help people to get to know you and how you can help them – in one line. Too hard to do? Include a URL in the MoreIn URL Section of your profile so they can learn more.
  • Don’t play the numbers gain and also follow everyone. Identify key people that you’d like to follow (e.g., target audience) and follow them. Typically people will follow you when you follow them.
  • Engage in conversations – especially with the key influencers. In other words, comment on their posts, and strike up a meaningful conversation on your target topic. If you do, their followers may be inclined to follow you as well, and you’ll increase the chances of getting the right kind of followers
  • Add your Twitter feed to your web, blog, and other social media profiles.
  • Reply to people. Even reply to those you invited, but are not following you.

Post content that helps

  • Your content expresses who you are and what your agenda is
  • Focus on really helping people and providing meaningful content
  • However, also tweet people just to be social, friendly and just be you
  • If you are trying to sell, sell, sell you will turn people off

How to get a retweet

  • Write a great headline
  • Include links to your website
  • Retweet others
  • Don’t be overly self-promotional
  • Ask for the retweet (e.g., “New research on improving your memory – – Please ReTweet”)
  • Find twitters in your niche. Determine who retweets their content and follow those people. They may follow you back.
  • Put your retweet button in you blog articles just under your headline
  • Tweet at the ideal times
  • Direct tweets at influencers. By adding @username you can direct your tweet to an influencer. These people have followers and you will reach them as well.
  • Get the influencers involved in a conversation
  • Use hashtags: By using a hashtag in your post, people who are not following you but are searching and see your tweet… may retweet and follow you
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Twitter for Business?

Twitter for Business?