Strategy Software List

Strategy Software List

Highlights by David Willden

Below are a list of strategy software products.  


As you review the strategy software list,  and consider what you want in the ideal software,  considers the following thoughts.  Effective strategy software might ideally support the four generic phases of strategy:   

  • Researching: External & Internal Research
  • Thinking: Strategy Development
  • Planning: Offerings and Operations Planning
  • Doing: Implementing the Plans

Arguably the ideal strategic planning software provide access to the best data externally and internally to conduct research and analysis. It would also include tools to facilitate and support thinking (e.g., idea generation, innovation, dialog). Additionally, it would support the development of product, services and operational planning. Finally it would support the establishing, coaching and monitoring of initiatives and projects. Supporting all of this, the tool would include strong collaborative features

Personal Notes

Software can be a powerful positive effect in helping an organization, or a total waste. I can remember the first process modeling and simulation software I used. It allowed me to look at abd propose operations improvements quickly. I had been doing enterprise reengineering for many years, but this software substantially improved my capability in a short period of time. It was a breakthrough for me but others could have cared less.

A MD doctor has typically has had top grades through school, tested in the top percentile in aptitude tests, and has gone through extensive medical training. A good doctor has empathy for his clients, can communicate what is needed to be understood in simple terms to his or her clients. However, we do not want them to dummy down their knowledge and expertise.

When it comes to medical science, most of us know we can’t fake it. When it comes to politics, everyone has an opinion, and most politicians have unfortunately have demonstrated their incompetence at our expense. We work in a profession where everyone in the workforce can have a strong opinion. That doesn’t mean they are competent, but you can’t tell them that.

I’m not going to be an advocate for ignorance. Don’t dummy down your skills. Lack of poor thinking and planning along with corruption is to blame for both government and corporate failures. However, clearly being patient and helping people to grow and learn is important.

Keep the MD doctor role in mind as you do your work. Be kind and simple, but ensure you are deep and extremely competent. Your brilliance and careful work will shine at the right times. If you start gloating, you will lose your credibility. If you saw your doctor running around cocky and slapping high-fives after giving you a diagnosis, would you wonder about his stability and skill? I would. Nothing replaces the quiet competence of really knowing and being able to do something. So the question is, what types of strategic planning software should you focus on?

The answer may initially be two-fold:

1. One that helps you to substantially increase your capacity and thus significantly helps the organization.

2. One that best meets the interest of the organization. This one will likely be simple and ideally tied to cloud apps or existing apps that are commonly used within the organization.

Strategy Software List