Strategy Implementation Maturity

Strategy Implementation Maturity

Highlights by David Willden

Maturity Model Highlights

Strategy Gap

Climbing out of strategy chasm can be challenging. This survey may help! A strategy chasm or gap is the variance between an organization’s strategic plans and its implementation of those plans. This gap represents substantial lost opportunities that are costly for ALL organizations.

We may ask ourselves, if organizations invest so much effort in developing strategic plans why do they do such a poor job executing them?

Four Critical Areas

Three strategic planning consulting companies partnered together to develop a Strategy Implementation Maturity Model. We believe the four critical areas organizations need to assess themselves against are:

  • Strategy Creation
  • Alignment
  • Execution
  • Accountability

Assess Your Organization’s Strategy Gap

This survey is designed to analyze the gap between your organization’s current maturity level, and your desired maturity. It will help you identify specific development opportunities in your process.

The survey results will also help create an understanding of maturity in organizations generally, identify the perceived “Ideal”, and isolate the specific areas where the greatest maturity has been achieved, as well as those issues where the largest maturity gaps occur overall.

Beta Version

This is a Beta version of the survey. It will continue to be adapted over the next few months. We welcome your contributions to the refinement process.

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Alan Leeds, Marva Sadler & David Willden

Special Notes

Please answer the survey according to your total organization’s overall maturity on each topic. Do not focus on a single department’s behaviors. If you are a consultant, or other “outsider”, please respond with a specific organization in mind.

The survey contains a total of twelve questions and should take no more than five minutes. For each question, please select the One response from each column which best indicates your organization’s current performance (Current) and desired performance.

At the end of the survey, we will ask you for a few pieces of contact information so that we can send you your organization’s results, as well as the overall results, as soon as the number of responses is large enough to provide reliable conclusions.

Strategy Implementation