Strategy and Execution

Which is More Important?  Strategy  or Execution?   

By David Willden

Most of us have seen the two camps in organizations. The “strategists” are considered the “academics” and the “execution” folks are the “let’s just get it done” types.    Many executives advocate that  strategy doesn’t matter,  it is only results that count.  So,  which camp is right?

Ken Favaro, Evan Hirsh and Kasturi Rangan recently published an article in Strategy+Business titled,  ”Strategy or Execution:  Which is More Important?”   They state that “on its surface, this view that strategy is less important than execution is hard to refute.”   But then they clarify,  ”if that’s all strategy is, execution is clearly more important.”    The bottom line however is that “you cannot have good execution without having good strategy.”  In other words,  the argument shouldn’t be “strategy vs. execution” but rather “strategy and execution.”

Strategy or Execution: Which Is More Important?

By Sam Chandar, Strategy is the DNA of an organization which sets it in motion.The manner, pace and changes in progress are influenced by Execution. Like a mountain stream, under an overarching guiding force, there is a flow which meanders, gains momentum and even takes advantage of a changing environment like a powerful river turning into a roaring waterfall! Strategy...

Strategy and Execution