Strategic Planning Training

Strategic Planning Training

Highlights by David Willden

Let’s explore training material available today. What you see below is a start or work in progress. If you know of great training, please let us all know (look at bottom to provide your inputs). As a starting point, it is noteworthy to mention that the Association for Strategic Planning has Strategic Management certification programs.

Looking at these certifications helps to begin to understand what knowledge is needed to become successful with strategy.

The Association’s body of knowledge document points more specifically to topics that should be the focus of learning planning to become a good strategist. Please see the link below to learn more.

Stephen Haines

One of the top gurus in the field is Stephen Haines. His organization offers a number of courses that promise to be good. Please see some links below to some of his training. He offers public workshops, on-site training, and webinars.

Training Classes

Strategic Planning Training