Strategic Planning Software

Strategic Planning Software

Highlights by David Willden

"Breakthrough Strategic Planning Software"

Today's Weaknesses - Tomorrow's Strengths

Do you have a “strategy chasm” in your organization? Don’t feel alone. Consider the following:

  • Only 30% of strategic initiatives are successfully executed
  • 80% of major system investments don’t deliver the intended results
  • Of those initiatives that are successful most are implemented inefficiently
  • CEOs rightly feel that the process of implementing is too slow

If you are willing, you could tools and practices to enable you to make strategy execution your greatest competitive strength.

Address the Strategy Chasm Head-On

You need the strategic planning tools. Y-Change helps you to you address the strategy chasm problem head-on. You can create, focus, passion, and speed up the execution of your initiatives.

We have been in the business of optimizing strategy development and execution in top organizations for over 25 years. Our software and services have been carefully designed to help you create alignment and a highly focused, passionate, team-based workforce.

 Y-Change, has been refined over a 12 year period, with significant input from respected executives committed to addressing the “strategy gap” head on. What can it do for you?

Create Strategic Alignment

With the Y-Change Strategic Planning Software, everyone knows how they tie in to the bigger picture. People, organizations, projects and portfolios are all aligned to the goals and strategies of the organization.

Accelerate Progress

Everyone knows how they tie in to the bigger picture. People, organizations, projects and portfolios are all aligned to the goals and strategies of the organization.View real-time scorecards and status updates of all plans in one place. When people, teams and organizations know that their work matters, is visible, and ties to bigger picture, politics takes a back sit to progress.

Enhance Capability 

As people, projects and organizations start developing and using agile principles, they learn and adjust. With Y-Change strategic planning software,  changes, approvals, coordination, alignment and communication are streamlined and automated.

  • Cascade the strategies throughout the organization
  • Capture strategic, tactical and performance data in one place
  • Review and manage the real-time performance
  • Use existing reports or report wizard to generate with the report wizard
  • Export reports to excel, word, pdf

Create Synergy

What happens when an airplane flies off-course? The further you fly, the bigger the gap gets. You have many moving parts in your organization. Are they all flying on-course together?

What if everyone in your organization were passionately energized, focused and working together in a face-paced, agile manner? What if everyone could dynamically track all of the efforts relating to the goals and strategies (e.g., business units, projects, portfolios, peoples) of your organization?

Real-Time Reports

Results will flow from top management through the organization, showing the tactics, timelines, and action items.

There are unlimited reports, with customized filters that can be generated with the report wizard.

Reports have on-line editing of the data ideal for monthly or quarterly reviews and updates.

Dashboards can be easily created, saved, emailed and exported to your favorite desktop application.

People & Organizations

Everyone has a home page in Strategy Bridge Builder where they can see their tasks, plans, portfolios, projects and progress reports.
Connect with employees and teams through real-time threaded discussions, status reporting, actions and meetings.

Integrated with MSOutlook allowing for for seamless sending of automatic emails for selected timeline, deliverables, action items , meetings and phase gate events.

Documents can be stored in repository with check-in, version control and key word search, or can be connected to existing applications such as internal file share drives and MS Sharepoint.


Select, plan, manage and track a portfolio’s lifecycle from idea to execution

Setup and track the stages of a portfolio

Rules engine for quick phase gate approvals, emails, and prioritizing of projects

View portfolio metrics of their portfolio, as well as (what) the strategies they are supporting


Enable your company to align, track, manage, and account for decentralized projects

Gantt charts, risks, deliverables, phase status, heat maps and custom dashboards allow for companywide visibility and expeditious reporting.

Organizing projects around project types (e.g., six sigment, software development) allows for customization of information specific to the needs of each organization or project.

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Strategic Planning Software