Strategic Planning Consultant

Strategic Planning Consultant

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Our focus is to identify top strategy related consultants and consulting firms to try and identify what they do and why and how they are successful.

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Areas of Expertise

Having strong, well-rounded expertise is important but today it isn't enough. Great organizations want consultants who are the best in their fields and can help them to understand and adopt leading-edge processes, technologies and practices. Below are examples of areas where expertise are needed.


Legal Matters, Safety, Administration, Facilities, Regulatory Compliance

Cross-Cultural Communications

Second Language Fluency, Multi-year Residence in more than one country, Multi-Country Business Experience, Implementation of Cross-Cultural Change Management, Sensitivity and Knowledge of Cultural Customs

Customer Expertise

Sales, Pricing, Marketing, Merchandising, Placement, Advertising, Promotion, Customer Service, Information, Branding

Environmental Scanning

Business and Competitor Scanning and Intelligence, Global Marketplace, Suppliers, Sector Dynamics, Competition, Customers, Industry Dynamics, Strategic Alliances, Trend Tracking & Research

Financial Analysis

Accounting, Budgeting, Treasury/Cash Management, Capital Financing, Regulatory Compliance, Global Finance, Consumer Finance, Mortgage Banking, Insurance, Investment Banking

Human Resources

Talent Management, Recruiting, High Performance Development & Improvement, Compensation & Benefits, Labor Relations, Union Relations, Culture, Development, Succession Planning, Training, Ethics, Regulatory Compliance

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Process Management

Supply-Chain Management, Purchasing, Distribution & Warehousing, Delivery Channels, Operations, Outsourcing, Benchmarking

Products and Services

Engineering, Design of Products and Life Cycle, Product and Service Knowledge, Manufacturing, Innovation and New Product Service and Development

Research Methods

Knowledge about Databases, Internet Research, Source Evaluation and Verification, Use of Competitor Intelligence

Society Acumen

Citizenship and Governance, Community Actions/Leadership, Political Campaigns, Government Agencies, Social Responsibility, Peacemaking, Environmentalist, Special Interest Groups, Government Planning, Content Production, Course Development

Strategic Planning

Strategic Thinking


Computers and IT, Telecommunications, Other Technology, Knowledge Management, Information Management, Research and Development

Strategic Planning Consultant