Strategic Planning Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Strategic Planning Best Practices

Strategic Planning Best Practices At the simplest level, there are only two models of leadership. One is the “me” model. It is top-down, dictatorial, agenda-driven, egotistic, and flashy. Beware when you hear, “leaders define strategy here.” It tells you that the leaders don’t understand the most basic of human principles.

The other model is a “we” model. (What is a true leader?) Strategy and implementation are not separated. “We” research, “we” plan, “we” build each other up, and “we” roll-up-our sleeves and work together. The “we” model is focused on the notion that “we” care about each other, “we” care about our customers and making a difference, “we” are smarter and “we” can accomplish more together. (What is a multiplier leader?)

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