Strategic Plan Samples

Strategic Plan Samples

By David Willden

I worked at FranklinCovey for a few years.  They reported that:

  • 85% of employees don’t know the goals of the organization
  • 87% don’t know what to do to achieve the goals
  • 80% don’t keep score
  • 72% are not held accountable

It is sometimes argued that a written plan isn’t what is most important to the organization. Rather, what is important is the research and the decision-making process. That is only partially true. The fact is that simple, written plans are critical as communication, alignment, and decision-making tools. However, it is even more vital to engage everyone in the organization in the ongoing process of strategy development and implementation.

There are two types of leadership. One is a self-centered, “me” oriented, top-down, dictatorial, and fear based approach. This model may work in the short-term, but is highly destructive in the long-term. The other leadership model is a “we” approach. The focus is on blessing the clients, and team together to help each other become successful in a noble cause.

To help you in your planning efforts, we have provided samples of strategic plans below. Each sample has its pros and cons. We are partial to the benefits of the strategy maps and the balanced scorecard. Some executives claim, however, that strategy maps are too busy and detailed. What is important is to find samples that you and your organization are most comfortable with.

Business and Strategic Planning Templates from Genesis Group


Strategic Plan Samples