Strategic Plan PPT

Strategic Plan PPT

By David Willden

I provide a link below to a simple strategic plan powerpoint template. The approach builds upon the following leading-edge concepts:

I find that the hedgehog concept from Jim Collins is highly effective for both organizations and individuals.  Jim uses the concept to help us identify our passions, talents and to find economic opportunities that provide a sustaining economic model.

Strategic Plan PPT (Click link to access the Strategic Planing PPT page and  file.)

Jim Collins – Articles – The Secret Life of the CEO

Here’s the truth: The problem isn’t the market’s rise or fall. The problem is people who react to events, rather than seek to create something great. During the go-go days of the late 1990s, when many business thinkers found themselves seduced by the idea that everything is new in the new economy, Jim Collins marched to a different drummer. Hiding away in “monk mode” at his management laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, he continued his lifelong quest to discover the timeless principles that make enduring great companies. The former Stanford faculty member takes a data-driven, long-term view of the arc of 


Addressing the innovation challenge Companies must innovate to survive and grow. Yet the innovation process continues to be the achilles heel of companies worldwide. The goal of What Customers Want is to change that. Our discoveries over the past 21 years have led to a very different and a very effective way to help companies innovate and grow. It is called Outcome-Driven Innovation. Using, this process, Strategyn has helped over a third of Fortune 100 companies, and hundreds other firms worldwide, create new, breakthrough products and generate new growth. And we are confident it will 

Strategic Plan PPT