Strategic Business Leadership

Strategic Business Leadership

What is Leadership?

By David Willden

Alan Keith is quoted as saying that leadership is “ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.”  In our article What is a Leadership?" we define a leader as someone who sees the future and genuinely helps people and organization to grow and succeed.

The world of strategy is quickly advancing. More than ever, true strategic leadership is more important.

So, What is Strategic Business Leadership?

There are four critical strategic leadership skills that are needed to succeed:

  • Strategic leadership
  • strategy development
  • strategic planning
  • strategy execution

We define strategic leadership as the foresight, values, characteristics and skills that best help people and organizations to ultimately reach their fullest potential. 

Strategy development involves defining "what" the organization will focus on. A critical component of a successful strategy is defining the unique value that the organization will provides to its target audience. 

Strategy development and strategic planning are related but arguably different.  Strategic planning involves the "how."  It entails planning out how to best make the strategies a reality. 

Strategic execution, the most challenging part of strategy,  involves leading and holding the organization and people accountable in a way that both inspires and achieves results. 

Strategic Leadership

Strategy Development

Strategic Planning

Strategy Execution