Social Media Training – Case Studies

Social Media Training – Case Studies

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Social Media Examiner - Examples

“Are you curious what small businesses are doing to achieve success with social media marketing? Look no further. This article highlights nine small businesses of various sizes and industries that have transformed their online presence with innovative social media marketing practices.

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“Social media marketing is all about getting your audience; that is, your customers and your potential customers, interacting with your brand. It differs greatly from more time-honored forms of marketing that, while effective in their own way, fall short in one area: customer focus.”


“Gross ticket sales per quarter doubled after Eventbrite integrated Facebook Connect. At the end of the third quarter of 2010 sales had almost quadrupled. Thanks to these implementations, in one year, Facebook became the #1 driver of traffic to the Eventbrite website, up from its previous spot at #15.”

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Social Media Training – Case Studies