How to Market on Facebook

How to Market on Facebook 

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Below are key points from Mitch Meyerson's book "Success Secrets Of the Social Media Marketing Superstars." He has a chapter dedicated to Mari Smith.

  • Find your target audience: Mari was, "astounded by the caliber of business leaders I could engage with who were previously completely unreachable as they had so many gatekeepers. ...Look for the same individuals on Twitter, follow them, start to interact with them. Plus, subscribe to their blogs and regularly add intelligent comments. Before long, you will catch the attention of your target influencers."
  • "Always be marketing" and "always be me." Mari shares that she is always mindful and strategic about what she says and does online and in public. Mari strives to always be positive, caring, genuine, and helpful.
  • Stay focused. "Across all social networks, it's important to display total clarity in what you do, who you help, and how you help them in your bio. People often just have a nanosecond to see you go by and decide whether you're a fit for their network or not."
  • Have an Abundance Mindset: Stephen R. Covey discussing that to be effective, it is important to adopt abundance vs. a scarcity mentality. In other words, become persuaded that there are enough resources and success for all. To have a scarcity mentality is to believe that success and resources are scarce, and that we need to protect and keep what we have from others.
  • Become an Authority: "The more valuable content you produce, the more authority and credibility you will command."
  • Be Generous: "Give Your Best Stuff Away. If you're passionate about your topic, you'll never run out of content. By giving your best stuff away for free your network will think that if you're this knowledgeable and generous with your free stuff your paid stuff must be awesome!"
  • Lead by Example: Stay informed. "Demonstrate you're on top of your game, knowledgeable . . . and that you're human and still have a life!"
  • Connection is Queen: While content is king, connections are second in importance. Learn to be approachable and establishing relationships.
  • Take Imperfect Action: Jump in and start. Add a Facebook Fan Page and begin to add content.
  • Have an Objective, Strategy, and Means of Measurement: Be clear about your objective and your strategy (or how you'll achieve your objective. Be clear about how you will measure whether or not your strategy is working.  How to Market on Facebook.

How to Market on Facebook 

Tips for Fan Page

  • Fanpage title: Create a short title that aligns with your brand.
  • Username: Once you have 100 fans, you can register your username. So, instead of having a long, complicated link, you can use your brand name.
  • Use a great picture: Use an engaging picture that aligns with your brand. The ideal picture size for your fan page is 200px wide by 600px high.
  • SEO your fan pages: Fan pages get fully indexed by Google. So, embed keywords in your Fan Page. Google also likes fresh content. So, updated your your Fan Page regularly.
  • Custom Landing tab: Consider developing a customized landing page. Learn how and see 26 examples of great landing pages -
  • Facebook social ads: Learn about best practices in creating facebook social ads -
  • Great content: Provide valuable content that will encourage your fans to come back.
  • Encourage people to like: Amy Porterfield shares that "studies have shown that about 99% of people, once they visit to your Facebook Page for the first time, will never actually type in your Facebook Page again. If they click your Like button and become a fan of your Page, they will then start to see your updates in their news feed. "
  • Get people taking on your page: We are ADHD when we are on facebook. Typically to get people talking, you ask questions. The ideal questions for facebook are short ones. (Example - "In one word, how would you describe the movie "Gone"?

Mari Smith

Mari Smith is one of the world's foremost experts on using Facebook as a marketing channel. She is also a leader in the areas of social media and relationship marketing. In 2012, Mari was identified as one of the world's most influential social media players. (Forbes article on Mari.)

Do you Just Want Fans or Business?

In the article "How to Get More Fans for Your Facebook Page" the follow topics are covered:

  • Create Facebook fan Page
  • Click Suggest to Friends
  • Become a fan of other Facebook pages and add comments and links
  • Use contests
  • Use the "Facebook Like" on your pages
  • Keep your page worth visiting
  • Become part of an external social media networking community
  • Hire a community manager
  • Never miss an opportunity to promote your Facebook page for free
  • Buy advertising

How to Market on Facebook 

Social Media for Business Recommended Reading

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In the article "How to get more Fans on Facebook - 7 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fans" the writer recommends to:

  • Create an Irresistible fan page
  • Create good, targeted, regular content
  • Ask administrators of high fan facebook pages if they would be willing to post a link to your page. Also, offer to give them a promo on your page. If they aren't interested, offer them money to promote
  • Use facebook ads
  • Mention to 'Follow Me On Facebook' Everywhere
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How to Market on Facebook

How to Market on Facebook