Execution and Strategy - Importance of Values in Practice

Execution and Strategy - Importance of Values in Practice

Craig Padoa wrote an engaging article in which he referred to a situation with one of his former client organizations. The organization  emphasized the values of courage, integrity and unity.

Ironically, the culture was such that the employees of organization were fearful of the CEO. To suggest to the CEO that he/she might be wrong, would inevitably result in one getting fired. Craig goes on to say that creating a culture around key values is “not only difficult but without doubt a hallmark of great leadership.”

To simply put the values on a piece of people or on an intranet site, doesn’t make the stated values a reality. If the CEO can’t embrace the very values he/she is advocating, then you end up created a confused workplace.

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Execution & Strategy

To quote Sir Winston Churchill – However beautiful the strategy, one should occasionally look at the results

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Execution and Strategy - Importance of Values in Practice