Business Strategy Execution Software

Business Strategy Execution Software

By David Willden announced that it has partnered with Y-Change to promote Y-Change’s business strategy execution software suite.

Y-Change, Inc. is a leading supplier of software solutions that transform business strategies into linked targets, metrics, initiatives and projects.  Its software , also known as “Strategy Bridge Builder” has long been refined over a twelve-year period with client firms that are leaders in aerospace, technology, management consulting, education and health care industries

Y-Change, Inc. was developed on the premise that organizations will certainly succeed best when their organization’s goals and objectives are rolled down and linked directly to specific programs and projects

Y-Change provides an integrated solution suite that links strategies to objectives, blends portfolios and projects and drives synchronized decision making and accountability throughout an organization. Once officers, managers, and employees are jointly “on the same page,” they all contribute to the accomplishment of the strategic goal.

Y-Change Capabilities

Creates Strategy Alignment – Cascading Goals and Strategies

Every person in the corporation knows how they tie in to the larger picture.   People, groups, projects and portfolios are all lined up to the goals and strategies of the group

Speeds Up Progress – Real-Time Reports

View real-time scorecards status updates of all plans in one location.  Whenever people, teams and organizations understand that their job counts, is visible, and ties to larger picture,  business politics takes a back-sit to progress

Results will flow from top management all around  the organization, showing the tactics, timelines, and action items. There are countless reports, with customized filters that can be generated with the report wizard

Generates Agility

As people, projects and organizations begin creating using agile strategic management principles, they learn and adjust. With Strategy Bridge Builder change approvals, coordination, alignment and communication are efficient and automated

People & Organizations

Every person has a home page in Strategy Bridge Builder where they can see their tasks, plans, portfolios, projects and progress reports

- Connect with workers and teams through real-time threaded dialogue, status reporting, actions and meetings

- Integrates with MSOutlook allowing for seamless sending of automatic emails for selected timeline, deliverables, action items, meetings and phase gate events

- Documents can be saved in repository with check-in, version control and key word search, or can be connected to existing applications like internal file sharde drives and MS Sharepoint


- Choose, plan, manage and track a portfolio’s life-cycle from idea to execution

- Setup and monitor the stages of a portfolio

- Rules engine for speedy phase gate approvals, emails, and prioritizing of projects

- Look at portfolio metrics of their portfolio, as well as (what) the strategies they are supporting


- Allow your company to align, track, manage, and account for decentralized projects

- Gantt charts, risks, deliverables, phase status, heat maps and custom dashboards allow for companywide visibility and expeditious reporting.

- Organizing projects around project types (e.g., six sigma, software development) permits customization of information specific to the requirements of each organization or project

Business Strategy Execution Software

Founded in 1998, their online management tools have been at the forefront of web-based technologies, creating the “edge” necessary to succeed in today’s volatile market. Visit the page below or call 510-516-3190.

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Business Strategy Execution Software