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Business Strategy Cases

Kellogg - Strategy Case Study 

Introduction – Using aims and objectives to create a business strategy – Kellogg’s | Kellogg’s case studies, videos, social media and information | The Times 100

Page 1: Introduction When preparing a strategy for success, a business needs to be clear about what it wants to achieve. It needs to know how it is going to turn its desires into reality in the face of intense competition. Setting clear and specific aims and objectives is vital for a business to compete. However, a business must also be aware of why it is different to...

NATS -  Case Study

Introduction – Effective strategies for long-term growth – NATS | NATS case studies, videos, social media and information | The Times 100

Page 1: Introduction Air travel has become a regular part of life for many people, but managing the processes surrounding it is far from simple. During the summer of 2012 the UK welcomed around 200,000 more air passengers through Heathrow and Gatwick airports than in a non-Olympic year. Over 3,000 extra 

IBM - Business Case Study

IBM’s Turnaround and its New Business Model – | Business Strategy Case Studies | Case Study in Business, Management

IBM’s Turnaround and its New Business Model – IBM Inc., a part of the Tata Group, is one of the leading air-conditioning and engineering companies in India. The case traces the company’s restructuring efforts after it suffered losses owing to some ill-timed diversifications and ill-advised investments. It describes the efforts the company made to organize its businesses around its strengths in air-conditioning and engineering. The case also describes the efforts of the company to become a leader in the Indian retail air-conditioning market. The case concludes with an account of the growth prospects of the company in its various businesses.

Freeserve -  Business Case Study

Introduction – Objectives and dynamic strategies in an expanding market – Freeserve | Freeserve case studies and information | The Times 100

Page 1: Introduction In September 1998, Freeserve sent shockwaves through the emerging Internet market by becoming the UK’s first fully featured free Internet Service. On August 2nd 1999, after less than a year of trading, Freeserve became the first Internet brand in the UK to be floated on the London Stock Exchange. 

RailTrack - Case Study

Introduction – A business case for investing in rail – Railtrack | Railtrack case studies and information | The Times 100

Page 1: Introduction Today, there is growing concern about the number of cars and lorries on the UK’s roads, the amount of time wasted in traffic jams, and the dangers of traffic-related pollution to people’s health and the environment. Britain’s railways provide the opportunity to solve some of the transport and distribution problems individuals and organisations currently face. This case study is designed to encourage students to think about and then set out a good business case for investing in the railway service. The 1993 Railways Act paved the way for the process of rail privatisation which has rapidly reformed Britain’s railways.

Nokia - Business Case Study

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Business Strategy Case