by Max McKeown

The following are extracts from the book "Adaptability" by Max McKeown:

  • “All failure is failure to adapt.  All success is successful adaptation.”
  • “Learning fast involves moving from knowing change is necessary to figuring out what to do differently and doing what is necessary. It is the complete movement from insight to action...”

According to Max, Adaptability is the New Strategy. There are two varieties of adaptiveness.  One focuses on just coping.  The other centers on  finding results, victory and happiness.

The book aims to get people to break the limitations that bind us today, and to shape a desired future. With informative rules, Max  teaches you how to increase the flexibility  of your business to create winning positions.  Being adaptive is more important today,  than ever before.  

The following three simple steps are keys to turning your business around:  

  1. See the need to adapt
  2. Determine the method you will use 
  3. Make adjustments in your actions and attitude

Follow these rules to adapt:

  1. Play Your Own Game.  Minimize your “estimated time to adapt,” the time between a change in circumstances and a group or person’s adjustments to the change.
  2. All Failure Is Failure to Adapt
  3. Embrace Unacceptable Wisdom
  4. Fool “with the Rules
  5. Stability Is a Dangerous Illusion
  6. Stupid Survives Until Smart Succeeds
  7. Learning Fast Is Better Than Failing Fast
  8. Plan B Matters Most
  9. Free Radicals
  10. Find a Great Partner
  11. Never Grow Up
  12. Hierarchy Is Fossil Fuel
  13. Keep the Ball
  14. Swerve and Swarm
  15. Get Your Ambition On
  16. Always the Beginning

Different methods are being adopted in business settings to help improve adaptability - such as "agile development,"  "scrum," and  "lean."

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Max McKeown (born in London, October, 1969) is an English writer, consultant, guru and researcher specialising in innovation strategy, leadership and culture. He has written six influential books and conducts research with Warwick Business School (Young, 2008). He is a fellow of the RSA. He served on the Advisory Board for the Rollins Center for eBusiness. He earned his Masters in Business Administration and Ph.D. from the Warwick Business School under the supervision of Professor David Wilson and Professor Sotirios Paroutis, who was in turn supervised by Andrew Pettigrew.

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