About David Willden

David Willden

I help organizations and people to successfully find their noble purposes, develop compelling and inspiring strategies, and create exciting alignment throughout the organizations.

I have 25 years experience leading turnarounds, strategy development & execution, program & project management, product development and technology development. This includes leading 100-300 concurrent high performance project teams, consultants and senior executives. These efforts have made a real difference including over $200 million in bottom-line results.

Most recently I led a non-profit organization to plan, publish and launch books, website and television program. The first book was an overnight bestseller - shattering sales records in the industry. Subsequent books continue to be top sellers in their niche and won top awards. The website set a new standard of excellence. The television series become a local favorite that continues to be rebroadcast.

Strategy and Turnarounds Consulting Product Development & PMO
  • Career focused on helping organizations and people to develop compelling visions, strategies and plans to get there
  • Repeated strategy and execution success through creating passionate, empowered, high performance teams. Over $200 million in results
  • Ran and/or facilitated turnarounds of companies and government organizations winning top national awards (e.g., White House, Senate)
  • Board member of Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)
  • Publisher of high traffic website on strategy, execution and leadership –
  • Executive leading 100+ top consultants providing management and information technology services to Fortune 100 companies with outstanding customer satisfaction scores (99.4%)
  • Generated 30-40% of all consulting engagement work for Texas regions
  • Managed consulting and outsourcing operations and projects for international consulting firms
  • VP of strategy and consulting for one of fastest growing firms in state
  • Started consulting company providing strategy, turnaround, and project management services
  • Executive responsible for corporate projects
  • Managed product development of popular commercial software, publication products, entertainment programs, consulting services and consumer products
  • Launched and oversaw between 100 – 300 concurrent high performance, award-winning product development, technology development and operations performance project teams
  • Leader of publishing initiative producing top-selling/award winning books, popular local television program, and popular websites. Our first book was an overnight bestseller – shattering sales records in the industry. Subsequent volumes continue to be top sellers in the niche. Our website set a standard of excellence. The television series became a local favorite that continues to be rebroadcast
Entrepreneurship Education and Interests
  • Direct report to and mentored by Larry H. Miller (LHM)– legendary entrepreneur
  • Owned as many as 200 businesses at a time that included NBA Utah Jazz, Salt Lake Bees Baseball Team, Racing Track, Event Centers, Entertainment Businesses (e.g., Movie Production, Theatres, Themed Restaurant), Dealerships, Television and Radio, Communications, Financial, Property and other businesses
  • Founder of successful businesses
  • MBA from Johns Hopkins University
  • Bachelors from Brigham Young University
  • Passion in helping others with career and life planning
  • Beautiful wife, five wonderful children, 6 grandchildren
  • Fitness, outdoors, surfing (beginner)
  • Certifications: Product Development, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Resource Management, Agile Technology Development, CRM, Lean, Six Sigma, Quality Improvement