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Review of Balanced Scorecard Software

By David Willden

I have been in the strategy, turnaround, and strategy execution business for twenty-five years as both an executive and consultant. The Balanced Score Institute is an organization that many in my line of work respect. It is strategy management group that provides training, certification and advisory services to the private, public and non-profit sectors, in best practices relating to the balanced scorecard, strategic management, measurement and change management.

When I learned that the Institute was not only willing but “proud” to stand behind “SpiderStrategies” it caught my attention. The Institute reported the following:

Scorecard Automation

The new solution, QuickScoreTM, is an easy to use, web-based balanced scorecard automation tool that allows an organization to quickly see results from their balanced scorecard investment. Powered by the latest cutting edge web technologies and developed by Institute software partner Spider Strategies, QuickScoreTM Balanced Scorecard Software gives you real-time access to the data you need and transforms static performance measurement data into business intelligence. Available as an on-site server-based installation or as a hosted / software-as-a-service offering.

The QuickScore Performance Information SystemTM was designed to automate the Institute’s Nine Step process and get performance information to the right people at the right time. Automation adds structure and discipline to implementing the Balanced Scorecard system, helps transform disparate corporate data into information and knowledge, and helps communicate performance information. In short, automation helps people make better decisions because it offers quick access to actual performance data.

QuickScoreTM is an online metric assessment, action planning, and performance collaboration tool designed to help you drive measurable improvement. It brings your key dashboards and reports to the web for anywhere access. Alerts notify you when metrics take a turn for the worse, and you can put corrective actions in place to fix problems as they come up. QuickScore then rolls up all of your metric data and shows your progress towards reaching your strategic objectives.

This tool is powerful and coupled with other important ingredients can make a lasting difference in creating excellence. It comes down to commitment.

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