Strategy and Execution Breakthroughs!

What are the Keys to a Winning Business Strategy? 

How did they do it?   How do they win so big?  How do companies like Apple, Google, Bershire Hathaway, Southwest Airlines, Amazon and Procter & Gamble repeatedly win and win big.  

  • Apple:   What is the secret behind Apples ability to successful produce and market a new tablet in an over saturated computer hardware market?  And then, how do they successfully begin to redefine how people experience the internet?  What was the key?  
  • Google:  Larry Page and Servy Brin of Google were able to redefine searching and define successful online advertising on a large-scale.  Doesn’t everyone “Google It” to find what they need?   
  • Warren Buffett:  How does Warren Buffett consistently invest so wisely and receive the returns he does?  
  • Southwest Airlines:  How did Southwest successfully entered a highly competitive, unprofitable airline market, and became the most profitable airline company in the world?  
  • Amazon:  How did  Jeff Bezos turned his initial e-commerce idea into the world’s largest retail company in the world - Amazon. 

Why Do So Many Business Strategies Fail? 

It isn't enough to understand why a few business strategies and strategists exceed everyone's expectation.   We need to understand why strategies fail as well.  Every business has different circumstances.   To simple try and adopt "Apples" business strategy doesn't work.   Our goal is to help you learn from failures as well.  

Here are top reasons for business strategy failures  

  • Not understanding what a strategy is and why it is vital  
  • Focusing on results first and not a true strategy
  • Going through the "motions" of developing a "strategic plan"  
  • Not being passionate about the strategy 
  • Not understanding in-depth the target customers and the "jobs they would hire you to do"  
  • Not understanding the environment or "the landscape"
  • Not being willing to accept market realities and trends
  • Overestimating the capacity and bandwidth of the business
  • Trying to do too much and not having a clear focus on a powerful and unique value proposition 
  • Lack of broad involvement and include just the "brass" in developing the strategy 
  • Resisting the change needed to execute the strategy 
  • Having the wrong players in leadership roles

How Helps You to Succeed 

Helping You Deserve the Right To Win 

We focus on providing you access to breakthrough knowledge on the topic!   The field is changing quickly and the opportunities are existing.  We search everywhere to provide you best practices, insights and breakthrough innovations.

The most important question that can help you to succeed is this - "what strategy and execution knowledge will help you deserve the right to win?"  

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